The Benefits of Daytime Running Lights

Released On 24th Oct 2023

The Benefits of Daytime Running Lights

Have you ever considered driving with your lights on, even during daylight hours? In 20 EU countries, this practice is not just encouraged but obligatory, and the safety statistics speak for themselves. Vehicles with daytime running lights are consistently easier to spot, especially in challenging weather conditions like fog, snow, or rain.

While using "normal" dipped headlights during the day provides added visibility, it's essential to be mindful of increased wear and tear on the bulbs. This is where Bosch steps in with innovative solutions like the Plus 90 bulbs, known for their exceptional light efficiency, and the Longlife Daytime bulbs, designed for long-lasting performance.

It's no surprise that Bosch automotive bulbs receive high praise from car drivers. They enable you to drive with your lights on, enhancing safety and visibility whether it's day or night. Prioritizing safety on the road has never been easier with Bosch. πŸŒžπŸš—πŸ’‘ #DaytimeRunningLights #RoadSafety #BoschAutomotive #VisibilityMatters

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