Released On 23rd Dec 2021

Common MOT Failure - CV Joints & Boots

CV joints, boots (gaiters) and driveshafts are a common MOT failure. All drive-shafts and prop-shafts have a flexible joint at either end which needs continuous lubrication. These joints (CV joints) have a rubber boot to hold the grease within the joint itself. These split over time and allow the grease to escape. This is an MOT failure due to grease escaping causing premature wear of the CV joints, and in some cases, can spray grease onto your vehicle brake components.

  • CV stands for Constant Velocity
  • Most common failure is the boots splitting allowing grease to escape
  • Drive-shafts link the transmission to the wheels
  • Prop-shafts link the transmission to the differentials
Common MOT Failures
  • The CV boot splits
  • The CV joints wear and have free play – usually as a result of the boot splitting
  • The CV boot retaining clips brake causing the boot to become insecure.