Released On 27th Sep 2023

Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Book

Okee's Assurance in Maintaining Your Elite Drive

At Okee, we do more than just deliver outstanding car services. We aim to be a beacon of knowledge and trust for our clients, guiding them through their vehicle's journey. A pivotal service we're proud to offer is the ability to update the Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Book (DSB).

Demystifying Mercedes-Benz’s Digital Service Book

The Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Book is a dedicated online portal where all servicing details of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle are meticulously logged. Developed by Mercedes-Benz, this platform ensures every facet of your car's service story, from routine checks to more intricate procedures, is captured with precision.

Why Okee is Your Prime Choice for Mercedes-Benz’s Digital Service Book?

Being registered to update the Digital Service Book for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Okee stands as a bridge between the grandeur of a brand like Mercedes-Benz and the personalised, potentially more affordable services of an independent garage. We offer the best of both realms, ensuring your Mercedes-Benz is cared for with unmatched expertise.

Our recognition as a Bosch Car Service Centre is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our technicians are on a relentless quest for knowledge, aspiring to the coveted Master Technician accolade. This ensures that every Mercedes-Benz under our care receives service par excellence.

The Merits of a Digital Service Book

  • Comprehensive Service Overview: All service activities are logged in one centralised platform, giving owners a thorough insight into their Mercedes-Benz's care journey
  • Elevated Resale Appeal: A detailed and transparent service history can significantly elevate your vehicle's market appeal, offering prospective buyers clarity and confidence.

Okee’s Prowess Extends Beyond Mercedes-Benz

While our services shines brightly with Mercedes-Benz's Digital Service Book, it doesn’t end there. We also offer digital record updating for a range of other premium brands, such as Audi, SEAT, SKODA, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Mazda, and more. This broad spectrum of services solidifies Okee's position as a leading choice for safeguarding your vehicle's digital service narratives.

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