The Importance of Regularly Servicing Your Car

Released On 10th Feb 2022

The Importance of Regularly Servicing Your Car

Not long ago, one of our most frequent customers boasted that they NEVER serviced their vehicle, and it hadn’t been serviced in the 6 years they’d owned it! I didn’t like to point out that their vehicle was by far our most frequently visitor for repairs, and had been towed in after breaking down on the motorway… TWICE! There are some things in life that you should ALWAYS do… and if you own a vehicle, regular servicing is one of them!

Servicing your vehicle, in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations, is a vital part of your vehicle’s maintenance requirements and ensures the long-life of your car and keeps you and your family safer on the road.

Firstly, lets dispel a myth… a service is not just an oil change! Instructing Dave from next door, who “used to be a mechanic so it’s probably alright”, to change the oil on your drive for £20, does not constitute a service. For one, Dave isn’t doing any mechanical checks and an oil change is just one very small part of a full service. Secondly, you have no idea of the quality of parts and lubricants that Dave uses – using high-quality, manufacturer approved parts is crucial for the long life of your engine. And lastly, Dave doesn’t provide any physical ‘Proof of Service’ (a point we will come to later). Also, Dave is unlikely to be a qualified technician, he certainly isn’t IMI approved and I doubt he’s even heard of Techsafe Technicians!

Your vehicle is most likely the highest value item you own, outside of your home. It represents a huge investment which should be respected and protected. An engine that is not serviced will not run as efficiently and use more fuel, leaving you spending more at the pump. Also, when it’s time to sell your vehicle, a sporadic or absent service history will significantly reduce the value of the car. Think about it… would you buy a car with NO service history? When searching for a new car, we all look for the ‘FSH’ acronym (I hope you’re not Googling it now!).

The key word for 2021 and 2022 is ‘Sustainability’. We all want the things we own to work better and last longer. This should be no different for your car, and regular servicing is crucial for the long-life of your vehicle. As highlighted above, a regularly maintained engine is more efficient, costing less in fuel, and will ultimately last longer - meaning less new vehicles brought into production. We love electric vehicles and see them as the future of vehicle technology and a vital development in the war on climate change, however there is a strong case for maintaining your newer combustion engine vehicle, rather than part exchanging for a NEW electric one.

Now… coming back to ‘Proof of Service’.  Your car comes with a service record. This will be a physical service book usually kept in your glove compartment. Or, a Digital Service Record (DSR) stored online by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Professional automotive garages will be able to stamp your service book or register a service on the DSR. (We can register a service for; Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen). Unfortunately, poor Dave is unable to stamp your service record, leaving you without any proof that a service has been completed. As outlined above, this will significantly impact the value of your vehicle… Because, remember, everyone wants FSH!

And lastly, why take the risk… Most people use their car multiple times a day. It keeps you and your family safe and protected while on our busy roads. Your car is a mass of interconnecting metal, plastic, rubber and wires – thousands upon thousands of parts all working in perfect unison to move you from home to Tesco, without missing a beat. Regular servicing ensures that these parts keep working as required and serves as an early detection for any potential faults. So, our advice is always the same… ensure that you find a competent and professional garage an ensure your vehicle is maintained in accordance with the vehicle’s manufacturer’s schedules… For Driving Peace of Mind!